XecureIT exists as one of the Indonesia’s cyber defense companies with field proven technology, strong capability, and good reputation; especially in defense/military, energy, financial, and ICT (Information Communication Technology) sectors.

XecureIT has been doing Research & Development (R&D) since year 2009 to build holistic and integrated digital fortress architecture and solutions to manage high grade cyber attacks. It has its own technology, brand, and experience to implement the end-to-end secure Certification Authority ecosystem; also to build, operate, and transfer the military grade Security Operation Center.

For years, the Company has been designing and developing the Disruptive-Collaborative Secure, Optimum, Simple (SOS) Digital Ecosystem Platform 4.0 as a rigid foundation to address Society 5.0.


Our Vision: Empowering Society 5.0

Our Mission: To do effective and efficient TRUSTED information security CARES with PASSION

PASSION is our business values in delivering CARES (Consultancy, Assurance, Research & Development, Education, Solutions) services.

  • Professionals are TRUSTED
  • Accountable professional is guaranteed
  • Secure professional services
  • Sharing our professional knowledge and experience
  • Informative report and explanation
  • On track with clients’ business objectives
  • Networking with other information security professionals

TRUSTED Professionals is our ethical values in delivering CARES (Consultancy, Assurance, Research & Development, Education, Solutions) services.

  • TRUTH: High integrity to discover the root cause and potential problems, by providing objective recommendations.
  • RELIABLE: Committed and responsible to our recommendations.
  • USEFUL: Provide understandable report and implementable recommendations.
  • SECRET: Maintain the confidentiality of our clients’ technical information in accordance with XecureIT’s ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.
  • TIMELY: Completing work on time as planned.
  • EXPERT: Having information security professional certification, experience, and updated knowledge.
  • DEDICATED: Dedicating our expertise to accomplish the information security CARES (Consultancy, Assurance, Research & Development, Education, Solutions) services without being influenced by specific products.


XecureIT has been serving more than 100 customers, mostly in their sensitive information and critical systems


  • Kemenkominfo
  • Kemenkeu
  • Kemendagri
  • Kemenlu
  • Kejagung
  • LKPP


  • Mabes TNI
  • Mabes TNI AU
  • Kemenhan RI
  • Polri
  • BSSN
  • Wantanas


  • Bank Indonesia
  • BNI
  • BRI
  • Bank Mandiri
  • Bukopin
  • Panin
  • AXA
  • CIMB Niaga
  • HSBC
  • UOB
  • FWD


  • Pertamina
  • PHE
  • PHM
  • Telkom
  • Astra
  • Excelcomindo
  • IBM
  • Kramayudha Tiga Berlian
  • Total E&P
  • Northstar Pacific.