There are hundreds of Cybersecurity frameworks and products components to build
digital fortress ecosystem platforms. The process is like playing a jigsaw puzzle and entering a labyrinth.

“Traditional 3.0” Cybersecurity improvement approach:

  • Require 2-3 months assessment with 2-3 years improvement road-map
  • Not compatible with agile business requirements;
  • Hardly can completed since the business risks are changing constantly.

XecureIT develops Agile Cybersecurity Improvement (ACSI)

  • Quick win solution to respond agility requirements of Industry 4.0;
  • Require 2 weeks assessment with 3-6 months improvement for the first phase;
  • Based on more than 25 years Cybersecurity professional experiences.


  • Provide agile Cybersecurity improvement for Industry 4.0 to empower Society 5.0
  • Simplify assessment process
  • Understandable, simple and light delivery documentation






  • Focus on sensitive and critical business functions;
  • 2 weeks initial assessment;
  • 3-6 months quick win improvement recommendations.


  • To create solid foundation to support agile business;
  • 4 months assessment during Phase-1 implementation;
  • 6-12 months systemic improvement recommendations.

Assessment Methodology


  • Provide questions lists and request related documentations;
  • Review and discuss to clarify the answers and documentations;
  • Create draft recommendations and discuss them with the customer;
  • Finalize findings and recommendation report.


  • Phase-1 +
  • In-depth review of architecture, system configurations and system operation;
  • In-depth interview, discussion and observation.